Save More than $1000/year On Your Smart Phone Service

Save More than $1000/year On Your Smart Phone Service

Black Swan Wealth Management provides Financial Planning and Budget Analysis for clients. We have found that many of our clients are paying too much for mobile phone service.

By making a simple change, our clients have saved, on average, more than $1000 per year per phone.

We recommend taking a look at services like StraightTalk Wireless. StraightTalk is Walmart’s cell phone program. They offer unlimited talk, text, and data for $45/mo (plus tax). In many cases you can continue to use your current phone and phone number. The best part is you can choose virtually any existing cellular network infrastructure you want. For example, if you like Verizon’s CDMA coverage, you can sign up for the CDMA network through StraightTalk. And, believe it or not you get better coverage than you would via Verizon directly because the CDMA network is also used by U.S. Cellular. So, you get both Verizon and U.S. Cellular’s network coverage.

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As an independent financial advisor, Ryan Groves has held positions with New England Financial, Merrill Lynch, Winslow, Evans & Crocker, and Symmetry Partners. His experience includes developing financial plans and managing investment portfolios for affluent investors as well as designing group benefit programs for corporate clientele.


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